Tuesday, January 31, 2006

D4L - Down for Life

D4L (Down 4 Life) iz a rap grup w mbrs Fa-bo, Mook-B, Stoney & Shawty Lo frm Atlanta. dey formed n 2003 & emerged n l8 2005 w d hit sngL "Laffy Taffy", whch rEchD # 1 on d U.S Billboard Hot 100 n January 2006.

thR debut album, dwn 4 Lyf, wz released on November 8, 2005. dey wer sgnD 2 Mike Joness Record LBL, Ice Age Entertainment earlier n 2005.

Lyric Meaning of Laffy Taffy

d term "Laffy Taffy" refRz 2 d backside of a woman, az various othR 6ual innuendoes R distributD throughout d song. som BlEv dat it iz wen a 3:o) shAkz her butt, thN stops shaking, d pRt of her butt dat continuz 2 jiggle iz caLd Laffy Taffy.

NothA possibility iz dat d "Laffy Taffy" dey R referring 2 iz d labia minora of d >- genitalia, whch n som >-z resembles strechD out taffy. c also 50 Cents ">@< Shop." It iz slang term Usd mAnlE by men hu frequent strip clubs n whch women perform n d nude.

lyrics 4 Down for Life cn b found @ d4l lyric


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